Our Goals

It is amazing that we today can peek into the very cores of our own biology. We can directly look at the DNA sequence that is the blueprint to how we have been made, and we can find all the quirks that makes us unique. However, the tools used for this haven’t been available to the public, and that is what we want to change. At PixelBiology we take a small sample of you, and no it doesn’t hurt, and turn it into cool art pieces that you’d be proud to hang on your wall. We use the latest methods in molecular biology and create exciting new ways for you to view your own biology in a way that has never been possible before.

And while the science always have to be sound, as important is of course that it looks good. We are just as excited about new way of visualising biological concepts as we are about the science behind it.

The company

PixelBiology was started in 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden with the aim to make consumer goods based on science. We have years of experience in working in molecular biology labs, and have multiple peer-reviewed papers under our belt. We now want to make use of all that knowledge in order to make sure that you, the customer, get products that you can trust and that you know is firmly planted in sound science. We will never sell you something that has makes extravagant claims not backed up by the work of the scientific community.

As a company, we take your privacy concerns very seriously. In fact, in order to make both your, and our, life a little bit easier, we do not store any samples sent to us, after we’ve confirmed that the ordered product is delivered. In fact, we will never share or use your samples in any other ways than what you signed up for. These are our promises to you.



Genetic Canvases

Your DNA as an art piece. Printed on a canvas, and ready for display in your home. Comes in multiple color combinations and shapes to fit your style. So why not learn more about the most exciting way to have a truly unique self-portrait?


You're not generic, so why should your tattoos be? Let us help you get a truly personal DNA inspired tattoo, using your own actual DNA sequence. Or why not remember a loved one by getting a piece of their DNA as your next skin-tight art piece.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. Whether you want to know more about what it is we do, or if you just want to talk science and design bit.

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